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About Us

The 9th Medical Group supports worldwide operational readiness and the U-2/RQ-4 high-altitude mission of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing and responds to medical contingencies worldwide. Through teamwork, innovation and efficient utilization of resources, the 9th MDG provides comprehensive dental, physiological, medical and environmental support, as well as promotes health education and wellness to the Beale community.


Ensure medically fit forces, optimize the war-fighter, and improve the health of all we serve to support the GIISR mission


To be the premier model of Trusted Care creating the healthiest community & optimizing the performance of our war-fighters.


Optimize Team Beale's Human Performance

Provide high-quality, reliable services while fostering a "Zero Harm" culture

Lead and Care for Medical Group Airmen & Families



The group is comprised of four squadrons:

The 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron enables combat power through disease prevention, medical intervention, occupational and environmental health programs and preparation for medical contingencies. A staff of approximately 74 health care professionals organized into five flights provides medical services to Team Beale personnel and their families by means of public health, flight medicine, bioenvironmental engineering, optometry and dental services. The 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron’s primary purpose is to support the global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission by keeping Team Beale Airmen healthy, fit and ready for world-wide operations.

The 9th Medical Support Squadron supports the 9th Reconnaissance Wing by providing state-of-the-art Medical Support Service to meet the challenges at home and abroad. The 9th MDSS consists of 6 flights which are built around a force of nearly 80 officers, enlisted, civilian and contract personnel. Additionally, the 9th MDSS provides Ancillary Services in support of 28,600 TRICARE beneficiaries. These services include Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology. They also provide direct support to nearly 250 medical staff personnel in areas such as, Medical Logistics, Resource Management, Information Systems, Commander's Support Staff, Facility Management, Biomedical Equipment Maintenance, TRICARE and Patient Administration. 9 MDSS is also responsible for providing Medical Readiness and Deployment Support for its personnel, as well as Airmen assigned to the 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron and the 9th Medical Operations Squadron.

The 9th Medical Operations Support Squadron supports the 9th Medical Group & 9th Reconnaissance Wing high altitude ISR mission by keeping Beale Airmen healthy, fit, and ready for global operations. 9 MDOS provides evidenced-based care using the Patient Centered Medical Home team-based model and referral services for specialty care to more than 19,000 beneficiaries and 9,000 TRICARE-enrolled patients. The squadron is comprised of three flights: Clinical Medicine, Mental Health and Specialty Care. Available Services include: family health, pediatrics, physical therapy, immunizations, mental health, family advocacy, and Air Force Drug Abuse and Prevention Treatment. Combined, these clinics average more than 4,700 visits per month totaling almost 52,000 visits per year. They deliver Family Health and Pediatrics using the Patient Centered Medical Home health care model. In addition they provide Mental Health care services as well as Physical Therapy and Immunizations. There are no inpatient or emergency services available; however, ambulance services are available by calling 911.

The 9th Physiological Support Squadron provides specialized support and training for U-2 aviators in support of worldwide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance combat missions. Squadron personnel serve more than 6,400 man-days per year in temporary duty at three Forward Operating Locations and two en-route recovery bases. The squadron also acts as the Western CONUS Regional Training Center for mission specific physiological and performance optimization training for DoD and NASA aircrew, high altitude parachutists, and aviation support personnel. Additionally, the squadron is responsible for full pressure suit maintenance and support to 9 RW, DoD, and NASA as the sole USAF FPS Depot maintenance/supply center. The 9th Physiological Support Squadron maintains a ready force of 116 active duty and civilian members, and is arranged into four flights: Operations, Training/Support, Logistics, and Quality Assurance.

Last Updated 12/19/2019

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